Glycolic Acid Peel Gel


Designed specifically for home use, this spa-quality chemical peel leaves skin tightened and renewed. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates skin, increasing cell turnover and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions for use: Apply a thin coat to clean, dry face and neck. Rinse after 3-5 minutes with cold water, pat dry. Slight stinging or burning may occur when applied. Use 2-3 times weekly for best results.

SUNBURN ALERT: Use a sunscreen while using this product.

Key Ingredient:
Glycolic Acid (11%) – Alpha Hydroxy Acid, true acid with pH of 2, keratolytic, increases cell turnover, fades hyperpigmentation (age spots), boosts collagen production.

POINT OF DIFFERENCE: Used 2 to 3 times weekly, this peel is very effective on fine lines and blemished skin (cumulative effects). Most glycolic acid products have a pH around 5, which decreases exfoliation but increases moisturization. We chose PH2 for a true at-home peel as other products provide moisture options in our collection. **Cumulative results


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