Wound care applications can be critical to the success of the life and/or viability of the patient. In many instances, the ability to cure a wound prevents the unnecessary amputation of a limb or part of a limb.

Bedsores or pressure sores are a result of prolonged pressure over bony body prominences which cause depleted blood supply and poor tissue nutrition.

Similarly, skin ulcers can occur in diabetic patients. The ulcers, usually located on the feet, are the result of a combination of nerve damage and impaired blood circulation that are frequently associated with chronic diabetes.

Our wound care protocol involves the use of two compounded medications that are applied topically. Our topical formulations will use medications to stimulate new tissue growth, increase blood flow, reduce pain, and prevent bacterial overgrowth. It is a multi-drug compound, and each of the drugs included in the formulation has been shown in independent studies to achieve one of the aforementioned goals. This medication is applied directly to the wound and covered with a bandage.

If you have a wound that is difficult to heal or a limb with poor circulation, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you and your doctor with more information about our wound treatment protocol.

injured patient getting care

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